Bitter Waters, Fallen Star

Bitter Waters, Fallen Star
On sale

44 page full colour A4 photozine. Perfect bound.

It tells part of a story in fragments of text that accompany my images, of real places as well as those constructed via artificial intelligence. The story has pushed its way into my mind through recurring dreams that go back to the 1990s. More of the story is told in another zine I'm selling here (Flowers of the Deep). Although, you can ignore my writings and just enjoy the surreal images too I hope.

This half-remembered dream world will be elaborated on in future projects, including a role-playing game. Contact me if that interests you, as I will be doing playtests at some point over Zoom.

There's only one picture on display here as I use the cheap version of this shopping site! More pics available on request though. Also, international postage is a bit spicy - you can thank Brexit for that one